Q: Who Can Benefit from the Disability Support Centre?

Students with below permanent or temporary disabilities can benefit:

  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Temporary Incompetency
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Speech/Language Disorders
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Visual Impairments
  • Psychiatric/Psychological Problems
  • Mental Disabilities
  • Developmental Problems
  • Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder, etc.

Q: Can I apply to Disability Support Centre with any Doctor’s report?

Article 7, Section Two of Regulation on Special Education states, “In diagnosis, individual’s Medical Board Report on Disability, his/her mental,  psychological, physical, emotional, and social traits, his/her competencies in academic disciplines, educational performance and needs, time needed for benefitting from educational services, and individual development report are taken into consideration.” In order to benefit from educational equity rights, the student needs to apply with a Medical Board Report on Disability stating at least 20% disability.

Q: Do I need to have a Medical Board Report on Disability?

Yes. You need to submit a Medical Board Report on Disability stating at least 20% disability so we can share the necessary adjustments with your lecturers.

Q: Would any Doctor’s report work?

No, students submitting a Medical Board Report on Disability stating at least 20% disability can benefit from the services of Disability Support Centre only.

Q: Do I need to submit the original report?

No, a copy of the report will be enough.

Q: Do I need to get and submit a report each year?

It depends on the validity of the report. If your report expires on a certain date, then you need to renew it. If it is indefinite, then lecturers of the student are informed each year about the report.

Q: How can I get a disability report?

You can apply to full-fledged state or university hospitals and get your report. You can consult the doctor at the hospital you applied for details.

Q: How can Disability Support Centre help me?

Disability Support Centre works to ensure the educational equity. When you first apply, we identify your needs such as class seating arrangement, courses, assignments, exams, materials, and equipment (for example, we make sure that you are seated at a place where you can see the board or see/hear the lecturer, exam documents are printed in large fonts, additional time is given at exams, etc.) Such requests are assessed by the Center, and informative mails are sent to your lecturers for that semester at the beginning of the semester. And all information shared with them are confidential.

Q: I have hesitations about applying to Disability Support Centre.

It is perfectly fine. We can talk about these. All information disclosed in session are confidential. Please do not hesitate to apply at our center for your disability. This is your legal right.

Q: Can everyone see the mails sent to lecturers?

No, only the lecturers themselves, whom the messages are sent to.

Q: How can we, as parents, support our child?

University is a transition place for students from a more structured educational environment to a less structured one. As much as being important for academic and career development of a student, this unstructured environment helps student develop in individualization, socialization, achieving autonomy. Students with disabilities, depending on the type and extent of their disability, need to be supported by their families.

We recommend families to:

Support their child to visit us and get information about the Center,

Motivate their child to contact their lecturers instead of you doing that,

Empathize their child,

Allow children to express themselves,

Encourage their child to individualize, take responsibility, etc.

Avoid labelling their child during sessions held together (for example: “doesn’t understand, can’t do it.”; “it doesn’t work when I tell, maybe he/she will do it if you tell.” etc.)

Think about ways to turn his/her disabilities into positive strengths.

Please forward your questions to engelsiz@ieu.edu.tr

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