Application process is based on following steps:

  1. Student Affairs Directorate is informed about student’s disability during initial registration.
  2. Student applies to Disability Support Center with a medical board report on disability. This report shows the extent of disability. Student has to have a valid report and has to be willing to register with the Center.
  3. Student’s needs are identified with the Center staff. Accommodations Request Form is filled out to determine the necessary accommodations.
  4. Once the student is registered, accommodation request forms are sent on the first week of each semester via OASIS to the academicians of the student about the disability of the student and the necessary adjustments.
  5. Student may request additional accommodation during the semester if necessary.
  6. All information disclosed is confidential.

Important Information: Students, who did not notify the Student Affairs Directorate about their disability during the initial registration, or whose disability occurred later, can apply to Disability Support Centre whenever they wish. There is no time restraint for applying.