Izmir University of Economics

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What is the aim of the center?

It is founded to support campus and education lives of students of Izmir University of Economics with special needs with the aim of enabling these students to carry on their academic work in similar conditions like other students.

Who can benefit from the service of this center?

Along with physically, visually and hearing disabled people, students with motivation deficiency, hyperactive or dyslexics, epileptics or diabetics can benefit from this service.

How can our disabled students benefit from our ?

Students with Disabilities that interfere with their academic or social lives can apply to disabled support unit in person or apply to get support service by filling in disabled student identification form. No information is shared with the third person without permission of the students. Meetings with students are hold confidentially.

Click to access disability disclosure form.

Do you want to support our disabled students?

We make collaborations with volunteer students to support our disabled students by taking notes during classes, to help them getting to restaurant, library, conference hall etc.

Click to access volunteer student application form.

*You can send an e-mail to engelsiz@ieu.edu.tr for sending your forms to disabled support center.